Wendy is donating a share of her profits to Sunka Wakan na Wakanyeja Awicaglipi, a 501-C-3 nonprofit organization on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Its goal is expressed in the organization's name, which is Lakota for "Bring Back the Horse and the Child." Even though the horse is still sacred to the Lakota, only a small number of Indians on the reservation can afford to buy a horse to share with their children. Because of high unemployment, poverty, and social oppression, the youth of the reservation are prime candidates for becoming involved with gangs, drugs, alcohol and crime. SWWA believes that teaching traditional Lakota horsemanship to children and youth is an excellent way to protect them from delinquency and antisocial behavior by building character, teaching responsibility, caring and teamwork. Your purchase of Healing Power of Horses: Lessons from the Lakota Indians could help make this goal a reality.